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Our team consults with you to come up with a fulfillment solution for your products that meet your needs and budget.  A few items that will be discussed include: box sizes, packaging material, marketing inserts, shipping methods, shipping carriers, fragility of products, shelf-life, dry ice requirements, and much more.


Pick and Pack

At ESG, our pick and pack operations are strategically managed by a team of experienced e-commerce professionals. ESG’s pick and pack expertise ensures that your customers get the right product shipped to them in the timeframe they requested. The pick and pack operation is the lynchpin of any e-commerce business and is critical to any retailer’s success.  98% of our orders are dispatched the same day with 99.9% pick and pack precision.



We are able to streamline a retailer’s outbound shipping methods which introduces efficiency in inventory management and warehouse utilization. As an ESG client, mismanagement of your inventory will not be a concern. We operate with the best inventory management practices in the industry to ensure your products are handed with the utmost care.



Order Fulfillment

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In addition to creating greater shipping efficiencies, our pick and pack services leverage cost advantages due to our economies of scale. Our e-commerce team consults with clients to find the most efficient packaging and the most cost-effective methods to meet customer demand and budgets. Managing your packaging costs as well as analyzing shipment patterns is part of our consultative approach to managing the pick-pack and ship aspect of your business. We are not just a logistics partner but a multi-service provider of e-commerce solutions.


Whatever your need, ESG develops processes and proven solutions all with the focus of improving your brand. We take care of logistics and let you focus on growing your company. When you work with ESG, you’re working with a partner that understands what it takes to build your brand and satisfy your customers.

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