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Kitting, Gift Cards & Gift Packaging



So what is kitting exactly?  Kitting is the process of grouping, packaging, and shipping one unit that consists of several finished items.   An example would be a 3 for 1 deal that you are offering.  ESG could kit the 3 products together and ship them out as 1 SKU.


ESG can take care of product bundling of multiple SKU items, packaging inserts such as marketing material, catalogs, or other promotions.  We provide a full range of custom kitting and assembly services. 


Gift Card Fulfillment


Through our integrated gift card system, we are able to fund your gift cards with the appropriate money and ship them to your customers.  Because of our volume shipping discounts, we can offer your customers a much lower shipping rate which will increase online gift card sales dramatically.

Gift Packaging


We can also provide custom gift wrapping services to give you a competitive edge and an unforgettable presentation.  Gift wrapping is a value-add service that puts a special touch on your fulfillment offerings.  Your customer will truly be delighted to recieve a professionally wrapped gift!