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Kitting, Gift Cards & Gift Packaging



So what is kitting exactly?  Kitting is the process of grouping, packaging, and shipping one unit that consists of several finished items.   An example would be a subscription box that you are offering.  ESG could kit the numerous products together and ship them out as one SKU.


Examples of projects ESG has completed:

  • Product bundling of multiple SKU items into one SKU

  • Creating Display Ready Units (DRUs)

  • Bundling and labeling for Amazon FBA shipments

  • Packaging inserts such as marketing material, catalogs, or other promotions.

We provide a full range of custom kitting and assembly services. 


Gift Packaging


We can also provide custom gift wrapping services to give you a competitive edge and an unforgettable presentation.  Gift wrapping is a value-add service that puts a special touch on your fulfillment offerings.  Your customer will truly be delighted to receive a professionally wrapped gift!

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