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About Us

Filament Bulb

It started with a light bulb...

We have an opportunity

Ecommerce Solution Group (ESG) is a network of ecommerce professionals who figured out a way to do it do it right.  Built by two Louisiana State University graduates, in 2012, because of a niche in the marketplace that wasn't being filled properly, ESG decided NOW was the time.  Time to take charge of the ecommerce order fulfillment space and make a difference in small to medium sized businesses' bottom line.  Help them run their business online.  Take away the stresses and headaches of warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping & logistics and allow them to do what they do best...make money!

We work towards the same goal

ESG works as a team with you and your business toward the same goal, making sure each and every day that your customer is happy.  We all know that there is nothing more important.  Without our customers, there would be no business. 


We learn everything we can about our clients, their products, services, goals and target market.  We strive to become an extension of your company so we can provide the highest level of satisfaction with tangible results.​

Why work with ESG

Fast forward to 2024, ESG is a women owned business and is WBE-certified.  We have grown to become better that we could ever have imagined.  We are committed to delivering top notch service to our customers.  Our goal is to supply a scalable logistics plan that is simple to implement.  We provide our clients with complete visibility to enable them to grow globally!

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